Action Points

CLG Meeting January 25th 2021

As previously advised due to the current C-19 restrictions we have been unable to hold our quarterly CLG sessions as normal. However, in order to maintain continuity a smaller CLG group met on the 25 January, virtually using webex. The attendees were Ian Good, Jon Gettinby, John Mackintosh, Alan Brown, Allan Hoyle, Cllr MacLaren Gavin Newlands MP, Gavin Moran, Scott Wilson.

Action Points from CLG 25/01/2021

Investigate new gates on Birch Rd

Responsble – Bae Owner - CAS Timescale – 26/02/’21

Gates installed by Stewart Milne Homes under planning consent from R.C.

Investigate rogue vehicle access to Birch Rd from new path created by Persimmon Homes and develop strategy to mitigate.

Responsble – Bae Owner - CAS Timescale – 26/02/’21

Arrange site meeting with Dargavel Residents Association (DRA) to discuss the existingand proposed play parks for Dargavel village and the condition of the paths around the development

Responsble – Bae Owner - SMc/CAS Timescale – 26/02/’21