Action Points

CLG Meeting October 2020

As previously advised due to the current C-19 restrictions we have been unable to hold our quarterly CLG sessions as normal. However, in order to maintain continuity a smaller CLG group met on the 6th October virtually using webex. The attendee’s were Ian Good, Fraser Carlin, John MacIntosh, David Woodrow, Alan Brown, Cllr Don, Cllr MacLaren & myself.

At the meeting we reported that the development is recovering well from the impact of C-19 with good progress on many fronts. The 2020 remediation works were completed on the 25th September, the construction of the school continues to recover the 12 week programme slippage due to C-19 & we recently submitted the planning application for Central Park.

In order to keep you all informed I have listed the key actions from the session.

The date of our next session is the 25th January 6pm-7pm,

Action Points from CLG 5/10/20

Action – determine from David Wilson Homes when the one way system on Barangary Road will be removed.

Responsible - BAE, Owner – JG Timescale – 16/10/20 (Barratts intend to complete these works 26/10/20)

Action – Provide AB with location of the path on the Eastern edge of Central Park showing the sections that remain to be completed.

Responsible - BAE, Owner – JG Timescale – 16/11/20 Plan prepared and to be issued to A B

Action – Undertake options appraisal to determine options for Traffic calming/pedestrian crossing at junction of Aberlady Way and Craigton Drive (adjacent to Sainsburys) and hold site meeting to review.

Responsible - BAE, Owner – JG Timescale – 14/11/20 Consultant preparing options for issues appraisal w/c 19/10

(16/11 - Update, we are working through the viable options with the consultant with final appraisal by the end of the week )

Action – Review School pick up points on Slateford Rd to determine a strategy to reduce congestion from parent’s car parking.

Responsible - BAE, Owner – JG Timescale – 14/11/20

Action – Provide estimate of date for permanent works to TL’s at Greenock Rd (A8) and advise that traffic lights will have audible crossing signals.

Responsible - BAE, Owner – JG Timescale – 14/11/20 Works to be undertaken in 2021