Action Points

CLG Meeting June 7th 2021

The virtual CLG Meeting Jun 7th 2021 resulted in the following action points.

Health Centre – obtain and share details of proposals for Health Centre to be discussed at IJB meeting on Jun 24th

Responsible - Elected Members Owner - Natalie Don Timescale – 26/06/21

Complete white lining around Junction at Aberlady Way

Responsible - Bae Owner - Gavin Moran Timescale – 30/08/21

Provide Cost of replacement Solar powered lamps in Central Park to DRA.

Responsible - Bae Owner - Colin S, Steven McL Timescale – 30/06/21

Confirm the extent of paths in Central Park that will be adopted By R.C.

Responsble – Bae Owner - Steven McL Timescale – 30/06/21

Renfrewshire Council to provide update on Nursery Opening

Responsble – R.C Owner - Jamie Mackie Timescale – 30/06/21

Colin S – Colin Summerscales, BAe

Steven McL – Steven McLachlan BAe

RC – Renfrewshire Council

DRA – Dargavel Residents Association