Action Points


Provide update on locations of CCTV within Dargavel development and how the S75 contribution is to be used.

Resp - Renfrew Council         Owner - David Love     Date - 331st August

Develop Strategy to split current P&R to enable North and South access, incl new access to the Southern section  (from Aberlady Way)

Resp-  BAe            Owner - Gaviin Moran       Date 30th June  (complete 27th June)

Provide Cllr Nicolson with electronic copy of conceptual school drawings

Resp - BAe       Owner   - Gavin Moran      Date-30th June (complete 27th June)

Undertake land registry search of land Ol Greenock Road and Slateford oad

Resp - BAe         Owner - Gavi Moran/Colin Summerscales      Date  7th July

CLG frequency to be increased to every other month whilst Primary School issue is resolved by RC

Resp - BAE/CLG     Owner Gavin Moran           Date - 31st Aug      (next meeting schduled for Oct 2nd) with agreement  oof CLG Chair) 

Darg Sales projection.pdf