If you see heavy construction lorries from the Dargavel development using the village roads, if you can please note the registration number, and the company, and phone this information in to the BAe hotline number 0800 130 3302. This is the only way we will stop this excess traffic and the damage it causes to our roads.

The Bishopton Development Trust meeting details and minutes are available on the Trust Website

Below is a summary of the latest Section 75 Agreement between BAe and Renfrewshire Council

Below is the latest status of activities in Dargavel from BAe.

The CLG meeting planned for July has been postponed until October due to the Covid-19 restrictions. A status of current activities has been provided by BAe and is given below.


Construction work at Dargavel Village halted on Monday 23rd March 2020 in response to the Government’s COVID-19 guidance. At the end of May a route map to the phased restart of construction works was agreed between Construction Scotland and the Scottish Government and our site operations and control measures have been aligned to this and the subsequent updates.

Primary School

Construction of the primary school and associated infrastructure has been delayed by the Covid-19 crisis. Like the majority of construction projects in Scotland, 12 weeks were lost due to lockdown but there is also likely to be further programme deterioration due to the additional Covid-19 safety measures that need to be implemented. We have started back in earnest and continue to work with our contractor to understand the impact on the programme.

Landscaping and General Estate Maintenance

During the lock-down period we were unable to undertake non-essential maintenance works such as grass-cutting but have now been able to reinstate these works.


Renfrewshire Council received planning permission in 2019 to construct an Early Years nursery in 2020. Understandably the start to these construction works has been delayed by the Covid-19 crisis and Renfrewshire Council are working on their construction programme.

Anti-social behaviour

There are a number of areas of the development that have recently been subjected to vandalism including the WW1 memorial and we are in the process of getting the graffiti removed. In addition a number of the bins in the Dargavel development have been getting full over the past few weeks. We had already increased the frequency of bin emptying but have found that the bins are being used to dispose of household waste. Hopefully this will stop now as recycling centres open and we will continue to monitor this.

Parking signs at junction of Aberlady Way and Craigton Drive

These have been installed and they do seem to be making some difference, although a number of motorists continue to ignore the safety of others.

Review original traffic model at the Kingston/A8 junction

This is in progress.


Your Community Council would urge you to phone the police if you witness any vandalism. The “Canon” memorial to the factory is an asset to the community and we should look after it, not allow it to be vandalised by mindless idiots.