If you see heavy construction lorries from the Dargavel development using the village roads, if you can please note the registration number, and the company, and phone this information in to the BAe hotline number 0800 130 3302. This is the only way we will stop this excess traffic and the damage it causes to our roads.

The Bishopton Development Trust meeting details and minutes are available on the Trust Website

Below is a summary of the latest Section 75 Agreement between BAe and Renfrewshire Council

Celebrating Renfrewshire Awards.

Celebrating Renfrewshire is a fund designed by and for young people, where young people aged 12-25 will have a direct say on which projects are funded in their local area.

86 Celebrating Renfrewshire applications were submitted by young people, youth groups and high schools between 24th August and 20th September. These applications have now progressed to stage 2 of the Celebrating Renfrewshire process.

Progressing to a stage 2 of the process involves all applications that have met the Fund’s criteria being uploaded to the Young Scot platform This will allow young people aged 12-25 years have a direct say on which projects should be funded.

A list of all applications (split by Local Partnership area) can be found on the Young Scot’s campaign page for Renfrewshire. This page can be accessed here:

How does the voting work?

Young people are invited to vote using the Young Scot platform. The voting period is 12th (12pm) – 30th October (5pm).

Each young person aged 12 – 25 years who lives in Renfrewshire, will have 3 votes to cast on project ideas from the local partnership area in which they live in. In order to vote a young person will require a Young Scot number. Young people should be encouraged to access their school GLOWaccounts where they will find information on how to vote as well as a unique Young Scot Number which will give them access to the voting site.

If you work with young people older than school age, you can email for a pack which will contain unique Young Scot numbers for you to give to those young people you work with to allow them to vote. You must state your organisation name and tell us how many young people you require numbers for when you email.

Projects with the most votes per local partnership area will secure funding. Voting results will be announced at an online Celebrating Renfrewshire announcement event. If you have applied to the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund, it is crucial to your success that you encourage the young people that you work with to cast their votes!!