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Bishopton Community Council

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, Bishopton Community Council is unable to meet as normal. In an attempt to continue its work we will communicate via email, with an “agenda” of discussion points issued before our usual meeting date being sent to members.

After input is received a report will be sent to members and placed on the website, in the “Minutes” page.

Discussion points for September (posted to website after the meeting date) :-

1. Biodiversity Areas. Survey details

Please take the survey and advise CC sec so a position can be taken.

2. Erskine Hotel area, Persimmon housing development. Erskine CC has secured a “pre-determination hearing” Bishopton CC is barred from speaking at this hearing. This development WILL have some impact on Bishopton – traffic congestion, PMHS over crowding, station car park. In addition this development is on the flood plain.

3. After discussion with our Chairman, I have indicated Bishopton CC’s support to Erskine.

4. Planning Aid Survey. Members urged to complete this.

5. Rossland Crescent situation.

6. Draft Strategic Housing Plan – please look at this and send comments to cc to Sec please.

7. Finance Resources and Customer Services Board. The docs for this board’s meeting indicate a write off of almost three quarters of a million pounds! I have asked our councilors to look into this, with a suggestion of insurance or a bond to protect the council from these losses.

8. Heavy vehicles running through the village to Dargavel. Please keep reporting these incidents.

9. Our AGM should be the October meeting, when our accounts for the year should be approved. Copy of accounts will be prepared and sent to members for approval before submission to the council;